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What the future sounds like

Despite being a customer of @facebook for over 8 years, they are censoring the World Fusion Radio account,, claiming they can't verify World Fusion Radio exists. Facebook is refusing to respond to my support requests, so no idea how long our Facebook presence will be censored. sorry.


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Global Chillout

World fusion with a mellow groove.

World Revolutions

World fusion with an edge.

Welcome to music far beyond the mainstream.
I play music from creative artists who embrace diversity and experimentation.
This is the music of the world. This IS the music of the future. 
Expand your musical horizons at World Fusion Radio.


Afrobeat, African, Arabesque, Arabica, Asian Underground, Bossa Nova, Brazilian, Chillout, Electronica, Ethno Techno, IDM,
Lounge, Asian Massive, Neo-Folk, Nu Jazz, Rai, Trance, Tribal, World Beat, World Groove