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Angel Tears

Image:AngelTearsSebastianTaylor(left)&MomiOchion.jpg Origins: Israel, U.K.
Styles: Chillout, world groove

2004 - Vision (Vol. 4)
2002 - The Dreaming (Vol. 3)
2001 - Harmony (Vol. 2)
1998 - Way Of The Mystic (Vol. 1)


Web Site:
(not updated since 2005)

Momi Ochion (Israel) and Seb Taylor (UK) produced enchanting world groove with tribal drums backing light wind instruments and vocal chants. The influences are mostly Middle Eastern but borrow freely from a worldwide palate of tribal and sacred chants and rhythms. Delightfully airy chill without descending into New Age schlock. Their four albums are some of the best downtempo world fusion ever done and I highly recommended them. Unfortunately, it seems the project is no more. No sightings since 2005 of Ochion or his various other projects (decent but uninspired electonica and techno). Seb Taylor moved on to the groups Kaya Project and Hibernation that play music similar to Angel Tears.




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