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Ariel Kalma

Origins: France, India, Australia
Styles: World groove, ambient, Indian vibes, neo-folk, Australian fusion

2012 - Galactica Electronica
2009 - Osmose 2
2009 - Lazy Lizard
2009 - In My Dreams
2008 - Chillout India
2007 - Endless Breath
2006 - My Sax, My Love
2006 - Spirit Dancer
2006 - Chansons d'Espirit - Poesie Sonore
2006 - Le Temps des Moissons (CD)
1997 - Flute for the Soul
1995 - Gourmet Sax
1988 - Serenity
1979 - Music for Dream and Love
1978 - Osmose
1975 - Le Temps des Moissons (Vinyl)

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Incredibly prolific, Ariel Kalma is a major force in the world fusion movement. His label Music Mosaic produces amazing compilation albums and he contributes a great deal of wonderful music to them.

Truly a musician of the world, Kalma sees the sacredness of music and freely blends the rhythms and vibes of multiple indigenous culture. Born in France but now based in Australia, he has adapted western instruments and electronics to recreate indigenous music emphasizing the drums and trance vibes of India and Australia. He adapted the circular breathing technique commonly used with a didgeridoo and uses it with a saxophone to create his own soundscape. But his sound is not a dull, syrupy sax but much warmer and earthier.

He began recording in the late 1970s, releasing cassette singles and full-length albums, then producing and recording songs for alternative healing therapies. His early work was mostly new-age ambient, but by the 1990s he branched out into jazz fusion and eventually world fusion. In 2000 he founded Music Mosaic and devoted his energies to building the label though recording a song or two to a number of compilation albums. He returned to releasing solo albums in 2006 and remastered much of his early work.

Kalma has given help and exposure to many world fusion artists. Through Music Mosaic he has shown the world so many more possibilities for the didgeridoo than the standard ambient drone.





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