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Here are some of the significant artists in world fusion music. This is an ongoing project and I welcome the input of everyone, especially the artists.

African Head Charge - Long-time African fusion project of percussionist Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah.

Angel Tears -Now defunct duo that had a wonderful downtempo fusion groove.

Ariel Kalma -The vibrant center of the Australian world fusion industry.

Banco de Gaia - Toby Marks is the man behind the electro-ambient Banco de Gaia.

Cheb i Sabbah - Algerian-born DJ straddling the worlds of devotional chillout and ethno techno.

Cyro Baptista - Think of a cross between Frank Zappa, Blue Man Group, and Os Mutantes; if you can.

Martyn Bennett - The late great Scottish master of neo-folk world fusion.

Desert Dwellers - Southwestern U.S. festival trance outfit creating inspiring downtempo spiritual grooves.

Dissidenten - Eclectic German band playing primarily North African fusion.

Ekova - Former world fusion band with North African and Middle Eastern influences.

Fun-Da-Mental - For volume and intensity, no band does it better than Fun-Da-Mental.

Hedningarna - Swedish for "Heathens" they reinvented Swedish folk music.

Ariel Kalma -French-Australian saxophonist and music producer.

Joi - One of the brightest stars in the London Asian Underground.

Juno Reactor - The quintessential ethno techno, world industrial project.

Karsh Kale - New York-based tabla maestro crafting hard-edged Indian fusion.

Loop Guru - Perhaps the single most important and influential world fusion artist.

Midival Punditz - Post-Asian Underground Indian club DJs.

Oojami - Turkish-flavored London dance fusion.

Recycler - High energy French pan-African techno fusion.

Ryukyu Underground - East Asian fusion - eletronica with the sould of the island of Okinawa.

Secret Archives of the Vatican - Warm breezes of Middle Eastern exotica.

Shpongle -Simon Posford's psychedelic world fusion act.

Jef Stott - Founder of Stellamara and Lumin, he now has a successful solo career.

Suns of Arqa - Michael Wadada's long-time world music collective.

TJ Rehmi - English guitarist mixes drum & bass with Indian and jazz vibes.

Transglobal Underground - The pioneering inspiration of the Asian Underground and ethno techno.



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