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Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers Origins: The desert, United States
Styles: Chillout, trance
Discography: Muladhara Yoga Dub
DownTemple Dub: Lost Grooves
DownTemple Dub: Lost Mixes
DownTemple Dub: Roots
DownTemple Dub: Flames
DownTemple Dub: Waves
Numerous singles
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One of the interesting sub-genres of world fusion music is what I will call "festival trance." A favorite at outdoor festivals, It blends tribal and spiritual music with ethereal modern electronics, played sometimes with a harder edge but usually going for an extended mellow groove. Shpongle is perhaps the most widely known of this genre but Desert Dwellers is a prolific, hard-working festival band well deserving of fame.

Desert Dwellers  is a longtime collaboration between electronic musicians Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe which now includes Rara Avis and Craig Kohland of Shaman's Dream. Desert Dwellers inhabit two overlapping spheres--using the Internet to collaborate and experiement with a range of artists and gracing the crowds of tribal dance rituals at magical locations deep within the vast expanse of the New Mexico, Mojave, and Black Rock Deserts. In both spheres they blend the modern edge of electronica with the ancient sounds of cultures past to create inspiring downtempo spiritual grooves. Their vibe is more tune in than zone out--undeniably spiritual, skillfully blending deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and culture-crossing instrumentation into a sonic incense for mind and body.

Desert Dwellers have released their work on their own digital labels Yogi Tunes & Desert Trax and on such labels as White Swan, Omnis, Iboga, System, Flow, Six Degrees, and Native State. They are continually making new music with a new EP or full-length release of orignal songs or remixes right around the corner. If you hang out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you won't have to wait long for a Desert Dwellers concert.





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