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MIDIval PunditZ Origins: India
Styles: Ethno techno, chillout, world groove, Indian fusion

2009 - Hello Hello
2007 - Midival Punditz Remixed
2005 - Midival Times
2003 - Midival Punditz

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Dynamic duo of Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj work as producers, remixers, and club impresarios as well as live artists, documenting the musical, emotional, and intellectual journey of young men in the new India. The music is fully electronic, but with great vocalizations that they blend in so expertly. Their dance music is very high energy without the grating harshness so often found in techno. Though influenced by bhangra they go well beyond that genre and thus avoid the repetitiveness of much of the examples of it. Despite having only produced three albums so far, they are already one of the premiere ethno techno acts, frequently touring across the world. Their label, Six Degrees Records has released two remix CDs based on the songs "Atomizer" and "Tonic" from the CD Hello Hello.

I must add that of all the people I have met in music, they are two of the nicest and most polite. Yes, that does matter.

Midival Punditz




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Push the envelope.
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