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Nation Records

Origins: United Kingdom
Styles: Ethno techno, Indian fusion, African fusion, Middle Eastern fusion
Artists: Fun-Da-Mental, Cheb i Sabbah, Asian Dub Founbdation, Joi, Loop Guru, Natacha Atlas, TJ Rehmi, Transglobal Underground
Web Site: Alas, long gone :(
Now largely a dead label, Nation Records was the breeding ground for the Asian Underground in London in the 1990's. Created in 1988 by Kath Canoville and Aki Nawaz (Fun-Da-Mental) it was deliberately and very consciously an attempt to buch the Corporate music establishment in Britain and foster the creation of world fusion music. They succeeded. Throughout the 1990s Nation Records was the Asian Underground. Most of its artists went on to greater fame with other labels which eventually supplanted it, but Nation Records will forever have a firm place in the history of world fusion music.




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