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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Origins: France, Pan-Africa

Ethno techno, African fusion, tribal, techno, world groove


Discography: 2008 - Money Shot EP
2007 - Dancing Feet EP
2007 - Massa Boom Boom
2003 - Iboga
1999 - AlphabhangraPsychedelicFunkin’
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The more I listen to Recycler the more I love them; they just might be my favorite world fusion act ever. No doubt the best pan-African fusion is being made by these two French guys. Recycler answers the question of what would African music sound like played in a post-punk rave style. What emerges is a cross of Konono No.1 with Killing Joke. Their music is strongly reminiscent of Fun-Da-Mental’s ‘There Shall Be Love!’, perhaps not coincidentally because both bands were with Nation Records at one time. Recycler is high and hard energy without negativity; ecstatic dance music with heavy bass, strong African rhythms, and electronic rifts verging on the psychedelic.

Recycler’s first album was with Nation records, the explosive ‘AlphabhangraPsychedelicFunkin’ (1999), that established their hard-edged dance frenzy heavy on the drums. Recycler also released ‘Iboga’ on Nation Records (2003) with more of the same ecstatic dance music. They signed with Kube Recordings in 2006 and in 2007 released ‘Massa Boom Boom’ and two remix EPs, ‘Dancing Feet’ and ‘Money Shot.’

Recycler is actively touring throughout Europe with an amazing live show.

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