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Ryukyu Underground

Origins: U.S., Okinawa, Japan
Styles: East Asian fusion, chillout, ethno techno, ambient - bright

2006 - Shimadelica
2006 - Kogane no Hana (single)
2005 - An Evening with Ryukyu Underground (DJ Mix CD)
2004 - Ryukyu Remixed
2004 - Okinawa Lounge (single)
2004 - Seragaki
2003 - Mo Ashibi
2003 - Hana (single)
2002 - Ryukyu Underground
2002 - Soi Soi (vinyl)

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English DJ Keith Gordon (Souljazz, Inc.) and American Jon Taylor, after years each of globe-trotting musically and geographically met in Okinawa in 1998 and formed Ryukyu Underground. The duo combines Okinawan folk and contemporary music, with some traditional instruments, with electronic ambient, chillout, dub, and drum’n’bass. Collaborating with numerous other artists from Okinawa they craft a unique blend of modern music with deep folk roots and an amazing vibe--a more club-oriented Yoshida Brothers, or a much hipper Thievery Corporation. After several years of experiementing and club performances they released a vinyl EP in 2002 followed by their first full-length album the same year. A number of singles and three more full-length followed though sadly Ryukyu Underground releases are difficult to find outside of Japan. Worth buying even at double or triple the normal price.




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Erase the boundaries.
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