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Origins: U.K., Outer Shpongolia
Styles: World groove, ambient-bright, ambient-dark, flamenco fusion

2010 - The God Particle
2009 - Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland
2005 - Nothing Lasts...But Nothing Is Lost
2005 - Remixed Volume 2
2004 - Dorset Perception / Beija Flor
2003 - Remixed
2001 - Tales Of The Inexpressible
2000 - Divine Moments Of Truth
1998 - Are You Shpongled?

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Simon Posford and Raja Ram is the psychedelic world fusion act, Shpongle. Though often tagged as "psytrance" (whatever that means), Sphongle is more accurately described as blending the influences of Loop Guru, flamenco, and progressive rock - call me crazy, but I hear some Jethro Tull in their music. Ultimately, I place Shpongle in the sub-genre of world fusion music that I will call "festival trance." A favorite at outdoor festivals, It blends tribal and spiritual music with ethereal modern electronics, played sometimes with a harder edge but usually going for an extended mellow groove. There are plenty of references to hallucinatory drugs that will appeal to the more immature in the crowd but if they focus on that they miss Shpongle's larger point of extending one's consciousness beyond the narrow confines of normalcy, which is not to deny that a little artificial help won't enhance the journey to the state of consciousness of Outer Shpongolia.

Shpongle is a rare group that creates its own world with its sound.






Blend the genres.
Erase the boundaries.
Push the envelope.
Bring people together.

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