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TJ Rehmi

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TJ Rehmi Origins: U.K., India
Styles: Chillout, Indian vibes, ambient - bright, ethno techno, drum & bass, Indian fusion

2011 - Inventions From The Mood Lab
2004 - The Warm Chill
2001 - Invisible Rain
2000 - Raag Digitaal
1999 - Mera Therapy
1998 - Mind Filter

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While the Asian Underground reached its zenith, this talented but reclusive artist from Northern England made a big splash with a different take on Indian fusion - mellower but with strong drum & bass electonic influences, Rehmi's music is definietly not club-oriented, but a slightly bouncier chillout. Kind of between Karsh Kale and Nitin Sawhney, He was rumored for years to be holed up in a studio working on a new album which finally apepared in 2011. The release has yet to receive the attention it deserves.




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