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If you want to submit music to World Fusion Radio ….

STOP – Please don’t just send us e-mails begging us to listen to your music. We know you are eager but before you go any further, please take a moment to understand our unique format. It will be well worth your time and energy. Since we receive dozens of submission requests every day, those bands and PR people that follow these directions have a chance of being noticed.

LISTEN – World Fusion plays only certain genres of music. Listen to our station first and see if what you play fits with one of our shows. So please, please LISTEN to our stations and see if your music will fit with what we play BEFORE you send us any mailings or e-mails. Believe us, if your music doesn’t fit into our format, we won’t play it. Don’t waste your time and money sending out on a vague hope.

If after listening to our stations and looking at our site you believe your music fits our station’s format then we welcome your submission.  We love to promote worthy artists and enjoy long-term relationships with them.


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