Three Streams of World Fusion Music

Moonlight Meditations
World fusion music to alter your consciousness.

Global Chillout
World fusion music with a mellow groove.

World Revolutions
World fusion music with an edgy vibe.

Help keep the music alive.

World Fusion Radio plays Afrobeat, African, Arabesque, Arabica, Asian Massive, Asian Underground, Bossa Nova, Brazilian, Chillout, Electronica, Ethno Techno, Indian Vibes, Lounge, Neo-Folk, Rai, Trance, Tribal, World Beat, and World Groove.
My other projects: Farscape Continues and Inset Philosophy Here.

World Fusion Radio is supported by listeners. As a completely independent radio station playing music far, far beyond the mainstream, we receive zero money or assistance from any music labels. Donations are the only means of support. And by far, far beyond the mainstream, we mean music that you will not hear anywhere else from any other radio station. Many songs appearing here are unavailable on the corporate streaming sites like Spotify.