What is World Fusion Radio?

What is World Fusion Radio?
This is the music of the world. This IS the music of the future. World Fusion Radio offers two streams of music, chill and high tempo.

If you are here it is because you want to hear some fun music different from what everyone else plays. That’s the other thing you won’t find here: mainstream music. What matters most for a radio station is music. I am not about ego or “being a DJ.” I am about music. World Fusion Radio reflects that. Tune in and hear the best music from around the world with no talk or BS.

So what do you play?

I don’t play just one or even several genres but many. I play music from ambient to industrial, Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The common thread of the music is world fusion. Sometimes called World Beat, World Fusion is music that blends rhythms, melodies, instruments, and styles of multiple cultures. There are many flavors of World Fusion as the possible combinations are infinite.

World Fusion Radio features a wide variety of artists (over 5,000) from many countries. See a list of the most played artists here. You won’t hear these artists anywhere else, and once you’ve heard them, you’ll wonder why. Now, this isn’t a bunch of garage bands or stuff mixed in someone’s basement. World Fusion Radio is different but all of this is great music from great artists who just don’t receive the exposure they deserve from corporate mainstream radio. Embrace diversity.

Enjoy the vibe and help out if you can by making a donation.